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I don't have a lot of time available anymore. Right now what time I have that's not "critter-centric" is usually spent on scrapbooking. The subject of course, is Christopher.
I used to cross-stitch every spare minute I had. Life has changed this fact. I rarely get to stitch. Hopefully that will change as time goes on.
Gardening is another thing that has gone by the wayside. We'll see what the Spring might bring.

Did I really say that?

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  1. Arrggghhhh

    01/10/08 14:59:43 | 0 Comments

    I was looking at my skin code---just looking----something fritzed out and now the background of my title image is white!!!! How'd that happen????

  2. AHH..

    01/29/07 20:13:11 | 1 Comments

    FINALLY!! I think I've got it closer. I'm certainly not a techie. LOL. more tweaking yet to come!
  3. Playing with design

    01/26/07 21:12:22 | 1 Comments

    I keep playing around with the design of this page. So far it's been turning out to be fun--sometimes frustrating;image

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    Misty Nichole

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    Looks good! Especially the 'critter'
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    Kerry Hollen

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    I like your profile! :)

    Kerry XOXO
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    Nice boy at your avatar.imageimage